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Lithium Ion Battery Conductive Agents

Lithium Ion Battery Conductive Agents Brief introduction Conductive Agents As an important part of the lithium ion battery, the conductive agents, although occupy a small amount in the battery, they greatly affect the performance of the lithium ion battery. Besides, it plays a very important role on improving battery cycle performance, capacity development, rate performance, etc. Like lithium ion battery […]

Lithium battery using

The Analysis on the Development of LiFePO4 Battery

“The BYD blade battery has pulled the LiFePO4 back from marginalization with its own efforts.” A few days ago, at the 2021 China Automotive Chongqing Forum, Wang Chuanfu expressed the above views in his speech. Behind the words, although it does not rule out its intention to build momentum for its own products, the current battery […]

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